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Independent Music and Media 

An Online mag, music reviews, artist interviews, video vault all dedicated to the best in independent music, great stuff, great people running it: cheers to Ced 1 and Jennifer Stoker! 


The latest reviews, news and interviews in the world of AOR, Melodic Hard Rock, Progressive Rock/Metal, Power Metal, Rock'n'Roll, Glamrock, Emo/Punkrock and related styles! 


Indie supporting video broadcast page to go live in 2012. Already Merynes is very active on twitter supporting bands

Cool Grrrls ::: Cool Girls Rock! 

Coolgrrrls is proud to offer you a unique selection of talented featured artists, editor’s picks, monthly columns, and interesting interviews, no matter what genre or talent level. Their vision is to share and promote women in music for the world to enjoy. So sit back and enjoy browsing articles, past and present!


Support Kick Ass Music
Cutting Edge Voices


The Rocheshow 

Galaxy Baz and Awesome Laura with all your favourite music, entertainment news and all our other great features just as you like it. For the 23rd episode, we've brough Lyndsay back!

A new friendly podcast with occasional swears. Enjoy!

Michael Angels Cosmic Grab Bag 

Michael likes indie music and will play a lot of styles, mostly rock, sometimes going into country, sometimes going into metal; Michael also loves to talk and air his views. Send your music, if he likes it, he will play it. If you say Thank You, he will also love you

The Johnnyrockin Music Show

Johnny has a great taste in music and I have heard a great many cool rockin bands on his cast. So if u like to discover great rock music and raw talent visit his show

How B Grade Movies Saved (Or Ruined) My Life

If you are Australian or Tasmanian (or in any other way just cool) you must subscribe to this podcast. It is also aired on Australian fm radio

Night Diary

If Russian is your language and youre into rock this is the place for you  

Indie Music Sampler

If you like a diversity of styles of the more mainstream variety - but strictly indie bands - presented to you by Pete whose voice could make butter melt, go for the IMS. 

Beneath Everything with Ronnie Rucker 

Ronnie has an amazing variety of music and lots of interesting talk 

Twitter Tuesday Live by Butterflies Radio

Butterflies Radio and All Indie have dedicated themselves to supporting the best in indie music  

Jim Santora Show Rockcast

This is a hard rockin show featuring also artist interviews

Two Geeks In A Bathtub 

British humor and lots of weirdo talk, scattered with the best music