... powerful, emotionally charged vocals combined with a raw soul-ripping sound

... an exceptional band centering around young rock singer Emina ... cutting edge female fronted rock and intense ballads ...


Emina was going to be a singer, it was her destination in life and she had always known it since she was a child.

Raised in a small town between folk and country music she chose idols like Bruce Dickinson and David Coverdale. As soon as school was finished she left home, coaching with an opera singer, cooperations with producers and songwriters, playing lots of gigs followed, and when she won a casting show she found herself in the offices of a big label. She was signed for five years. Essentially being an internationally minded person she moved to Europe after the five years were up, and drew up in Vienna in 2010 with eleven original tracks in her mind. She found a partner in SixtySix Records and a band was formed – from the very beginning there was magic between the four musicians.

In January 2011they played a rock festival and in May 2011 the first four tracks of the new album were released digitally.


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